Services we offer


     We design, develop and program anything that you need. We use the best tools and technology available like: Visual C++, Visual C#, SQL, LINQ,, comunicación, AJAX, html, javascript, etc.

     Web pages design.

     If you already have the design of your website we can insert the code-behind for you.

     If you need your aplication in english and spanish we can convert it using software resources.


     Design and installation of local area network, intranet, virtual private network, internet and wireless.

     Maintenance and installation of servers.

     Maintenance and installation of security in your intra-internet.

Repair shop

     Update and repair of your hardware.

     Accessories and parts for your equipment.

     Annual mantenence policy.

     Virus and malware cleanning, reinstallation of all your aplications.


     Programming training, Database management, operating system training, etc.

     Specialized seminars for your company.

     Staff training in security.


     We audit the status of your hardware.

     We audit the status of your network. Including internet.

     We check the overall performance of your software.

     We deliver a printout result with suggestions to improve.

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